Selling a Motorbike That Belongs to a Deceased Person in Thailand

Question from a client: friend of mine wants to sell his Forza motorbike. He bought it from a friend of his a couple of years ago as his friend needed the cash for a severe illness, but did not complete the paperwork at that time due to illness. Sadly the friend passed away, although he did inform his family about the new owner. My friend has the green book and has kept the tax and insurance up to date, but now wishes to sell it. All parties are non-Thai, including the family.The bike is about 4 years old so still worth a reasonable amount. What other information would be required to complete this process?

Sunbelt Asia Legal Advisors responds

Since the owner is deceased the person transferring the ownership must be the executor of the estate.

The executor will need to accompany the current owner and the buyer to the Land Transportation Department with

1) the will certified from district office where the owner lived

2) the green book

3) the tabien baan

4) death certificate of the owner

5) marriage certificate (if any)

6) passport copy with visa page of the owner

7) certificate of residence of the owner

If there is no will then an executor will need to be appointed and then the title can be transferred with the above documents.

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