Historical Record – Old Website Immigration

Sunbelt Legal Advisors was the name of a business service provider serving Asia, particularly Thailand. As it grew and expanded, it changed its name to Sunbelt Asia to more accurately reflect its market and the services it offers. One aspect of its services is immigration, our interest. We thought it would be helpful to bring back that part of the information on the website. Our goal here is part of our larger plan to memorialize resources related to immigration and migration in the first part of the 21st century. As appropriate, we may add additional information on immigration, but of course,  keep that separate from our historical record.

Never desiring to confuse, we want to make clear we are not associated with what is now Sunbelt Asia, and if you found this website in a search for that organization, you can move on to it by clicking here.

If you have an interest in our immigration project, you can contact us.

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