If you married in Thailand and both parties agree to the divorce, it’s as simple as going to any Amphur or District Office and filing for divorce. Both parties must go together, show them both copies of your marriage certificate, your passport, your Thai spouse’s ID card, and tell them that you want to divorce.

Marriage in Thailand
Legally registered marriages between foreigners and between foreigners and Thais are easily done and Sunbelt Asia is happy to assist you in this matter. If you plan on being in Bangkok only a few days then it is best done quickly. A legally registered marriage in Thailand is considered legal in most countries. Each Foreign National will need to visit their respective embassy to obtain an “Affidavit of Freedom to Marry”. This document states you are not already married and eligible for the marriage process in Thailand. You will need to provide divorce or death certificates if applicable.

Pre-Nuptial Agreement
Prenuptial agreements are allowed in Thailand provided they meet the procedural requirements of Thai law. Generally, it is advisable to have a law office assist you with the preparation of a prenuptial agreement and the translation and legalization of such an agreement pursuant to Thai law. These prenuptial agreements are generally considered valid legal agreements in jurisdictions outside of Thailand . Although, litigation can be an unpredictable process and the laws of different countries may vary, it is always safer for persons with assets or significant property to have a prenuptial agreement.