BOI Application

Thailand BOI Board of Investment Application

The Board of Investment (BOI) was set up to promote investment in Thailand by providing privileges to local companies or foreign entities planning on incorporating under Thai law that perform select activities.  The range of activities and industries eligible for promotion include:

  • Controlling and advertising affiliated companies
  • All types of consulting services, except those engaged in:
    • Buying and selling securities
    • Foreign currency exchange
    • Accounting
    • Advertising
    • Legal affairs
    • Architecture
    • Civil engineering
  • Information services related to source and procurement, but not brokerages or agencies
  • Engineering and technical services, except those related to architecture and civil engineering
  • Testing and certifying standards of products, production, and services standards
  • Exporting of all types of products
  • Wholesaling of all types of products within the country, excluding local agriculture products, second-hand products, art & crafts, antiques, and natural resources
  • Wholesaling and/or retailing of machinery, engines, tools and equipment
  • Provision of training on the use of machinery, engines, tools and equipment
  • Installation, maintenance and repairing of machinery, engines, tools and equipment
  • Calibration of machinery, engines, tools and equipment
  • Computer program (software) design and development

Exceptions may be granted through permission extended by the Ministry of Commerce or concerned government agencies.